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Originally from Malmö, Sweden, I'm a producer, composer, pianist and singer who loves to do music for just about anything. I've studied music production at Lund University, Sweden and audio engineering and mixing at IAV (Instituto de Audio e Video) in São Paulo. From 2015 I've been active in the music industry in São Paulo, working for Antfood Music & Sound Design. There I got the possibility to grow as a composer, producer and musician. My work has been shortlisted in Cannes Lions Film Craft 2016 for best use of original music and in 2018, 2020 and 2021 I was honoured to be shortlist judge in the sound category at The Motion Awards. I'm also pianist and singer in the São Paulo-based band Elephant Run and on my spare time I'm working on a solo project. 

In late 2018 I moved back to Malmö after almost 5 years in Brazil, built a studio and opened my own company Makadam Music, working as a freelancer with both Brazilian and European clients. 

During my career I've had the chance to work, make music and sing for really big clients such as Mitsubishi, Samsung and Honda. Check out my portfolio! 

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